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Last update 27.10.2020.
27.10.2020. Added new coins in the list
List with other new coins will be updated at 3th November~09:00

  • What is the Chest of Coins?
Do You collect coins according to their publication dates? Are You interested in coins that are not expensive? Are You interested in having just one coin from each Country? If Your answer to any of these questions is positive, this section is what You need.
In the section Chest of Coins You are able to go through a list of more than 7000 various coins from all around the Globe. You are welcome to add any of the coins in the list to Your collection.
  • The structure of the list
The list of coins is in English to resolve ambiguities between the translations of denominations and Countries. Also to make it easier to look through the list using Krause coin catalogues. The list consists of 6 columns with information needed to identify a coin.
Country – name of a Country
Photo - informative photo, not original
KM# - number of a coin in the popular Standart Catalog Of World Coins.
Value – nominal value of a coin
Year – publication date of a coin
Quantity – available coins
Price(EUR) – price in EUR for one item
New - with different color are marked coins which has been added to the list recently

Informative pictures of coins you can see visiting
  • How to purchase coins from the list?
Mark the coins you are interested in in the list, adding your e-mail at the end of it. Then request photos of the coins. In 24 hours time I will send the photos of the front and the reverse of the coins You marked to the Your e-mail. The photos are made using a scanner. You will be able to check the quality of the coins as well as apprise whether You would like to order the coins. If You are interested in any of the coins in more than one specimen, let me know about it writing it in the section Comments at the end of the list. The list of coins is able to be downloaded in an excel file. You are welcome to mark the coins You are interested in in the excel file as well, using a different color, and then send the excel file to my e-mail:

Discount policy for single coins. No discount for lots.

 Added to list 27.10.2020.
   Added to list 20.10.2020.
   Added to list 13.10.2020.

To be able to see full list of coins click on View all coins from menu

----------> Download list in excel file <----------

Australiaphoto621 Cent1974.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto621 Cent1975.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto621 Cent1977.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto621 Cent1984.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto781 Cent1987.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto632 Cents1972.20.15 €VF
Australiaphoto632 Cents1979.10.15 €VF
Australiaphoto632 Cents1984.10.15 €VF
Bahrainphoto310 Fils1965.20.70 €VF
Bahrainphoto1710 Fils1992.10.40 €VF
Chilephoto1971 Escudo1972.10.70 €VF
Chilephoto218.210 Pesos1988.10.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos1993.20.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos1994.10.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2000.10.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2006.20.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2007.10.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2008.30.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2009.30.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2011.20.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2013.30.30 €VF
Chilephoto228.210 Pesos2014.20.30 €VF
Chilephoto219.250 Pesos1996.10.50 €VF
Chilephoto219.250 Pesos2006.10.50 €VF
Chilephoto219.250 Pesos2010.20.50 €VF
Chilephoto236100 Pesos2003.11.00 €VF
Chilephoto236100 Pesos2005.11.00 €VF
Chilephoto236100 Pesos2011.11.00 €VF
Chilephoto236100 Pesos2012.11.00 €VF
Chilephoto236100 Pesos2013.11.00 €VF
Chilephoto235500 Pesos2002.11.50 €VF
EgyptphotoA4285 Piastres1972.10.40 €VF-
Egyptphoto99125 Piastres2010.10.50 €VF+
Egyptphoto942.250 Piastres2010.10.50 €VF
Finlandphoto3920 Markkaa1953,H11.00 €VF
Gambiaphoto291 Dalasi1987.21.50 €VF
India - Republicphoto91 Paisa1964.(C)10.70 €VF
India - Republicphoto#10.11 Paisa1967.(C)10.50 €VF-
India - Republicphoto40.110 Paise1988.(H)10.50 €VF+
India - Republicphoto4120 Paise1971.(B)11.50 €VF
India - Republicphoto49.125 Paise1972.(B)10.70 €VF
India - Republicphoto49.125 Paise1985.(C)10.70 €VF+
India - Republicphoto49.525 Paise1988.(B)10.70 €VF
India - Republicphoto5425 Paise1989.(N)10.50 €VF
India - Republicphoto6350 Paise1977.(B)10.70 €VF
India - Republicphoto92.11 Rupee1996.(B)10.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3311 Rupee2009.(B)10.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3941 Rupee2012.(B)10.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3941 Rupee2013.(B)10.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3941 Rupee2013.(N)20.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3941 Rupee2014.(C)10.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3941 Rupee2015.(N)40.30 €VF
India - Republicphoto3272 Rupees2009.(B)10.40 €VF
India - Republicphoto3952 Rupees2012.(C)10.40 €VF
India - Republicphoto3952 Rupees2013.(N)20.40 €VF
India - Republicphoto3735 Rupees2009.(B)10.70 €VF
India - Republicphoto40010 Rupees2016.(B)10.70 €VF+
Israelphoto1710 Pruta5712 (1952)11.00 €VF
Israelphoto1225 Pruta5709 (1949)11.00 €VF
Israelphoto#24.11 Agora5721 (1961)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto255 Agorot5722 (1962)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto255 Agorot5728 (1968)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto255 Agorot5730 (1970)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto255 Agorot5731 (1971)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto2610 Agorot5722 (1962)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto2610 Agorot5733 (1973)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto2610 Agorot5734 (1974)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto2610 Agorot5736 (1976)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto26b10 Agorot5739 (1979)10.50 €XF
Israelphoto2725 Agorot5739 (1979)10.50 €VF+
Israelphoto36.11/2 Lira5734 (1974)10.50 €VF
Israelphoto47.11 Lira5727 (1967)10.50 €VF
Israelphoto47.11 Lira5728 (1968)10.50 €VF
Israelphoto47.11 Lira5738 (1978)30.50 €VF
Israelphoto1061 New Agora5740 (1980)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto1075 New Agorot5740 (1980)10.30 €VF
Israelphoto1091/2 Sheqel5740 (1980)30.30 €VF
Israelphoto1091/2 Sheqel5741 (1981)30.30 €VF
Israelphoto1111 Sheqel5741 (1981)20.30 €VF
Israelphoto1185 Sheqalim5742 (1982)10.50 €VF-
Israelphoto1185 Sheqalim5744 (1984)11.00 €XF
Israelphoto11910 Sheqalim5742 (1982)11.00 €VF
Israelphoto11910 Sheqalim5745 (1985)11.00 €VF
Israelphoto1561 Agora5745 (1985)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto1561 Agora5747 (1987)50.20 €VF
Israelphoto1575 Agorot5745 (1985)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto1575 Agorot5747 (1987)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5745 (1985)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5755 (1995)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5769 (2009)40.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5772 (2012)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5773 (2013)10.20 €VF
Israelphoto15810 Agorot5774 (2014)20.20 €VF
Israelphoto1591/2 New Sheqel5772 (2012)10.30 €VF
Jamaicaphoto18110 Dollars2005.30.50 €VF
Jamaicaphoto19010 Dollars2015.10.50 €VF
Jamaicaphoto18220 Dollars2006.10.70 €VF
Jamaicaphoto18220 Dollars2008.70.70 €VF
Kenyaphoto175 Cents1987.10.40 €VF
Kenyaphoto291 Shilling1995.20.20 €VF-
Kenyaphoto291 Shilling1997.20.20 €F
Kenyaphoto291 Shilling1998.60.20 €VF-
Kenyaphoto341 Shilling2005.30.50 €VF
Kenyaphoto341 Shilling2009.30.50 €VF
Kenyaphoto341 Shilling2010.10.50 €VF
Kenyaphoto235 Shillings1985.10.50 €VF-
Kenyaphoto23a5 Shillings1994.20.70 €VF
Kenyaphoto36.220 Shllings2010.11.50 €VF
Mexicophoto4265 Centavos1961.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto4265 Centavos1962.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto4275 Centavos1971.20.30 €VF
Mexicophoto44020 Centavos1964.11.00 €VF
Mexicophoto44020 Centavos1965.11.00 €VF
Mexicophoto4601 Peso1975.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto493100 Pesos1985.30.50 €VF
Mexicophoto54950 Centavos1998.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto54950 Centavos2003.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto54950 Centavos2005.20.30 €VF
Mexicophoto54950 Centavos2007.20.30 €VF
Mexicophoto93650 Centavos2012.10.30 €VF
Mexicophoto6031 Peso1997.30.30 €VF
Mexicophoto6031 Peso2016.20.30 €VF
Mexicophoto6031 Peso2017.30.30 €VF
Mexicophoto6031 Peso2018.40.30 €VF
Mexicophoto6042 Pesos2003.10.50 €VF
Mexicophoto6042 Pesos2006.10.50 €VF
Mexicophoto6042 Pesos2007.10.50 €VF
Mexicophoto6042 Pesos2010.10.50 €VF
Mexicophoto6042 Pesos2011.10.50 €VF
Namibiaphoto15 Cents2002.10.40 €VF
Namibiaphoto210 Cents2009.20.70 €VF
Namibiaphoto350 Cents2010.10.50 €VF
Rwandaphoto32100 Francs2007.20.70 €VF
Singaporephoto420 Cents1967.10.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7341 Ore1875.16.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7451 Ore1877.110.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7501 Ore1883.13.00 €F
Swedenphoto7501 Ore1885.25.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7501 Ore1888.15.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7501 Ore1889.15.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7501 Ore1890.33.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7681 Ore1906.22.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7352 Ore1876.25.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7462 Ore1878.12.00 €VF-
Swedenphoto7462 Ore1893.31.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7462 Ore1894.(O4)11.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1877.112.00 €VF+
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1882./115.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1885.12.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1886.12.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1887.13.50 €VF+
Swedenphoto7365 Ore1888.13.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7575 Ore1891/8112.00 €VF
Thailandphoto3421 Satang2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto3435 Satang2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto79a10 Satang2500 (1957)20.50 €VF-
Thailandphoto7910 Satang2500 (1957)20.50 €VF-
Thailandphoto34410 Satang2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto8025 Satang2500 (1957)30.50 €F
Thailandphoto8025 Satang2500 (1957)10.70 €VF+
Thailandphoto10925 Satang2520 (1977)10.40 €VF
Thailandphoto18725 Satang2543 (2000)20.30 €VF
Thailandphoto18725 Satang2548 (2005)10.30 €VF
Thailandphoto18725 Satang2548 (2005)10.30 €VF
Thailandphoto34525 Satang2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto44125 Satang2554 (2011)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto44125 Satang2557 (2014)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto8150 Satang2500 (1957)10.40 €F
Thailandphoto16850 Satang2523 (1980)10.30 €F
Thailandphoto32950 Satang2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto44250 Satang2553 (2010)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto44250 Satang2557 (2014)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto44250 Satang2558 (2015)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto44250 Satang2554 (2011)10.15 €VF
Thailandphoto841 Baht2505 (1962)90.30 €VF
Thailandphoto1001 Baht2517 (1974)20.30 €F
Thailandphoto1101 Baht2520 (1977)100.30 €VF
Thailandphoto3301 Baht2539 (1996)20.40 €VF
Thailandphoto3301 Baht2539 (1996)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto159.11 Baht2525 (1982)20.50 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2530 (1987)40.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2531 (1988)40.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2532 (1989)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2534 (1991)20.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2535 (1992)40.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2536 (1993)50.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2538 (1995)20.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2540 (1997)30.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2542 (1999)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2545 (2002)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2544 (2001)20.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2547 (2004)20.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2548 (2005)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2549 (2006)30.20 €VF
Thailandphoto1831 Baht2551 (2008)20.20 €VF
Thailandphoto4431 Baht2552 (2009)30.20 €VF
Thailandphoto4431 Baht2554 (2011)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto4431 Baht2555 (2012)50.20 €VF
Thailandphoto4431 Baht2556 (2013)10.20 €VF
Thailandphoto4431 Baht2557 (2014)10.20 €VF
Thailandphotonew1 Baht2561 (2018)30.30 €VF
Thailandphoto4452 Baht2552 (2009)20.40 €VF
Thailandphoto4452 Baht2554 (2011)10.40 €VF
Thailandphoto985 Baht2515 (1972)31.00 €VF
Thailandphoto1115 Baht2522 (1979)10.70 €VF-
Thailandphoto1855 Baht2530 (1987)11.00 €VF
Thailandphoto2195 Baht2543 (2000)10.40 €VF
Thailandphoto3205 Baht2539 (1996)11.00 €VF
Thailandphotonew5 Baht2562 (2019)10.70 €UNC
Thailandphoto45910 Baht2551 (2008)10.70 €VF
Turkeyphoto105650000 Lira2000.10.50 €VF-
Turkeyphoto11691 New Lira2006.10.50 €VF
Ukrainephoto2.1b25 Kopiyok2012.10.25 €VF
total: 0.00





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