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Last update 27.10.2020.
27.10.2020. Added new coins in the list
List with other new coins will be updated at 3th November~09:00

  • What is the Chest of Coins?
Do You collect coins according to their publication dates? Are You interested in coins that are not expensive? Are You interested in having just one coin from each Country? If Your answer to any of these questions is positive, this section is what You need.
In the section Chest of Coins You are able to go through a list of more than 7000 various coins from all around the Globe. You are welcome to add any of the coins in the list to Your collection.
  • The structure of the list
The list of coins is in English to resolve ambiguities between the translations of denominations and Countries. Also to make it easier to look through the list using Krause coin catalogues. The list consists of 6 columns with information needed to identify a coin.
Country – name of a Country
Photo - informative photo, not original
KM# - number of a coin in the popular Standart Catalog Of World Coins.
Value – nominal value of a coin
Year – publication date of a coin
Quantity – available coins
Price(EUR) – price in EUR for one item
New - with different color are marked coins which has been added to the list recently

Informative pictures of coins you can see visiting
  • How to purchase coins from the list?
Mark the coins you are interested in in the list, adding your e-mail at the end of it. Then request photos of the coins. In 24 hours time I will send the photos of the front and the reverse of the coins You marked to the Your e-mail. The photos are made using a scanner. You will be able to check the quality of the coins as well as apprise whether You would like to order the coins. If You are interested in any of the coins in more than one specimen, let me know about it writing it in the section Comments at the end of the list. The list of coins is able to be downloaded in an excel file. You are welcome to mark the coins You are interested in in the excel file as well, using a different color, and then send the excel file to my e-mail:

Discount policy for single coins. No discount for lots.

 Added to list 27.10.2020.
   Added to list 20.10.2020.
   Added to list 13.10.2020.

To be able to see full list of coins click on View all coins from menu

----------> Download list in excel file <----------

Sweden LOTphotoEC001Coin mix 50 coins1898-1950112.00 €VF
Sweden LOTphotoEC002Coin mix 80 coins1874-1950117.00 €VF
Sweden LOTphotoEC00410 Ore 1.85 kg km850mixed125.00 €VF
Sweden LOTphotoEC00510 Ore 0.57 kg km835mixed112.00 €VF
Sweden LOTphotoEC0065 Ore 1.42 kg km822mixed17.00 €VF
Argentinaphoto571 Peso1957.10.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto6010 Pesos1963.10.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto655 Centavos1972.10.30 €VF
Argentinaphoto655 Centavos1973.20.30 €VF
Argentinaphoto109b5 Centavos2007.10.20 €VF-
Argentinaphoto110.125 Centavos1992.30.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto110.125 Centavos2009.30.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto110a25 Centavos1994.10.70 €VF-
Argentinaphoto110a25 Centavos1996.10.70 €VF-
Argentinaphoto111.150 Centavos1994.40.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto111.150 Centavos2009.(st)20.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto111.150 Centavos2010.20.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto111.250 Centavos1993.10.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso1994.A20.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso1995.A10.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso1996.A10.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso2007.10.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso2009.D30.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso2010.E60.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.11 Peso2016.10.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.21 Peso1995.C20.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.31 Peso1995.B30.60 €VF
Argentinaphoto112.41 Peso2013.11.00 €VF
Argentinaphoto1571 Peso2010.11.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto1652 Pesos2011.31.50 €VF
Argentinaphoto1652 Pesos2016.11.50 €VF+
Brazilphoto579.120 Centavos1967.10.50 €VF
Brazilphoto580b50 Centavos1977.20.70 €VF
Brazilphoto580b50 Centavos1978.10.70 €VF
Brazilphoto592.110 Cruzeiros1982.30.50 €VF
Brazilphoto592.110 Cruzeiros1983.10.50 €VF
Brazilphoto6311 Centavo1995.20.30 €VF
Brazilphoto6325 Centavos1997.30.20 €VF
Brazilphoto6485 Centavos2001.20.20 €VF
Brazilphoto6485 Centavos2003.20.20 €VF
Brazilphoto6485 Centavos2004.30.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2001.10.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2002.20.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2005.20.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2008.90.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2009.10.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2011.60.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2013.30.20 €VF
Brazilphoto649.210 Centavos2014.20.20 €VF
Brazilphoto63425 Centavos1995.20.50 €VF
Brazilphoto65025 Centavos2004.10.50 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2002.10.70 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2003.10.70 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2005.10.70 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2007.20.70 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2010.20.70 €VF
Brazilphoto651a50 Centavos2015.10.70 €VF
Cambodiaphoto93100 Riels1994.10.50 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1972.10.50 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1973.10.70 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1975.10.50 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1980.10.50 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1982.20.50 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1983.10.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1986.40.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1987.30.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen1991.10.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen2005.10.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen2007.30.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen2008.20.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen2011.10.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto11 Fen2012.10.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1975.10.70 €VF-
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1977.10.70 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1985.30.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1987.20.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1988.10.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto22 Fen1990.20.20 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1974.10.40 €VF-
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1976.20.40 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1982.10.40 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1983.10.40 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1984.30.40 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1987.20.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1988.10.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1989.10.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto35 Fen1990.10.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto3351 Jiao1994.60.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto3351 Jiao1997.20.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto3351 Jiao1999.10.30 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto12101 Jiao2002.20.15 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto1210b1 Jiao2015.30.15 €VF+
China - Peoples Republicphoto1210b1 Jiao2016.10.15 €VF+
China - Peoples Republicphoto3365 Jiao1996.10.70 €VF
China - Peoples Republicphoto3365 Jiao1997.10.70 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5331 Chao44 (1955)11.00 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5451 Chao56 (1967)10.50 €F
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan71 (1982)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan72 (1983)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan73 (1984)30.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan74 (1985)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan75 (1986)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan81 (1992)30.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan82 (1993)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan83 (1994)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan84 (1995)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan85 (1996)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan86 (1997)30.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan90 (2001)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan95 (2006)40.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan96 (2007)60.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan97 (2008)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan98 (2009)10.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan100 (2011)40.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan101 (2012)20.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto5511 Yuan102 (2013)20.20 €VF
China - Republic of Taiwanphoto56850 Yuan2006.15.00 €VF
Fiji Islandsphoto282 Cents1985.10.50 €VF
Fiji Islandsphoto12250 Cents2009.21.00 €VF
Nepalphoto7481 Paisa2028(1971)10.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1929.50.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1932.10.50 €VF-
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1934.10.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1935.60.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1936.30.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1937.30.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1938.20.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1939.20.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1940.110.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1941.170.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1948.50.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1950.20.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1951.70.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3671 Ore1952.40.30 €VF
Norwayphoto3871 Ore1941.60.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3871 Ore1942.100.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3871 Ore1943.100.50 €VF
Norwayphoto3942 Ore1943.100.70 €VF
Norwayphoto3942 Ore1944.60.70 €VF
Norwayphoto3885 Ore1941.100.70 €VF
Norwayphoto3885 Ore1942.100.70 €VF
Norwayphoto3885 Ore1943.101.00 €VF
Norwayphoto3885 Ore1944.11.50 €VF
Pakistanphoto621 Rupee2001.10.60 €VF
Pakistanphoto621 Rupee2002.10.60 €VF
Pakistanphoto621 Rupee2004.10.60 €VF
Pakistanphoto621 Rupee2005.10.60 €VF
Pakistanphoto621 Rupee2006.10.60 €VF
Philippinesphoto240.210 Sentimos1987.10.30 €VF
Philippinesphoto241.125 Sentimos1984.10.50 €VF+
Philippinesphoto271a25 Sentimos2009.10.20 €VF-
Philippinesphoto271a25 Sentimos2015.10.30 €VF+
Philippinesphoto29925 Sentimos2018.10.70 €VF+
Philippinesphoto27810 Piso2003.12.00 €VF
Sri Lankaphoto136.21 Rupee1982.30.50 €VF
Sri Lankaphoto136.31 Rupee2008.10.40 €VF
Sri Lankaphoto136.31 Rupee2011.10.40 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1920.60.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1925.10.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1928.30.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1929.C30.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1929.S20.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1930.30.50 €VF
Swedenphoto777.21 Ore1936.L10.40 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1919.31.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1921.20.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1922.11.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1924.41.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1928.31.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1932.11.00 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1934.10.50 €VF
Swedenphoto7782 Ore1936.L10.70 €VF
Swedenphoto779.25 Ore1928.11.00 €VF
Swedenphoto779.25 Ore1931.11.00 €VF
Trinidad and Tobagophoto305 Cents2007.10.20 €VF
Trinidad and Tobagophoto3225 Cents2012.10.30 €VF
Tunisiaphoto2801 Millim1960.20.50 €VF+
Tunisiaphoto30720 Millim2005.10.30 €VF-
Tunisiaphoto309100 Millim2005.10.50 €VF
Tunisiaphoto309100 Millim2011.10.50 €VF
Tunisiaphoto3041 Dinar1983.12.00 €VF+
Uruguayphoto691 Nuevo Peso1976.12.00 €VF
total: 0.00





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