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How to classify your own coin collection?

I think, this question has preoccupied, all the coin collectors, when so unimportant hobby like coin collecting grows into serious hobby. Nowdays, due to technologies, or more precisely, due to computer, it is possible to make accounting about your collection in different ways. Of course, coin enumeration systems formation is not very actual to beginner collectors, who knows their little coin collection very well. But it is undeniable that in the long run the coin number grows higher what in one moment starts to make a chaos, if there has not been made the most comfortable enumeration system for yourself. It is each collector`s individual opinon what kind of information to enumerate, but by my own experience, I can advise to show information about your coin like this:
  • Country
  • Catalog number
  • Nominal
  • Year
And you also can list:
  • Coins quality
  • Price
  • From what material is it
  • Number (it will be useful, if you wish also to change with the coins)
  • Coins diameter, weigh, thickness
  • Coins side type: riffled, smoothy, riffled and smoothy, security strip
  • And some other information, what seems useful
Further more I will try to lay out those opportunities, how to do your own colletion enumeration.

1.    Enumeration in catalog, notebook

You need to take a pen and paper, if computers are not very good assistants on weekday, You need to take a pen and paper. The most comfortable way is to purchase a coin catalog (Standart Catalog of World Coins), which costs about 40Ls. You can buy catalogs from foreign countries online shops or here in Latvia, in specialized numesmatic shops. As in the catalog is already shown all the above mentioned information what I advised to enumerate, then you just need to tick or in some other way note the particular coin in the catalog sheet, and the enumeration has been done. Disadvantage to this kind of system is that catalog paper sheets are thin, what very easy breaks, catalogs costs and regular look through.
If the catalog in paper format seems spare money waste and computer is still a „stranger” to you, then you need to make notes in your notebook, exercise-book, A4 sheets or in some other way.
2.    Enumeration in „excel” file

Very good solution, what doesn`t ask for some extra money, is easy to edit, and is foreseeable.
For example, a photo.

3.    Enumeration in internet portals
There has been made different home pages, what offers you a chance to record your own collection. Small home page enumeration:
Probably it is possible to add in this list also other home pages, what offer similar function. However, in these home pages there isn`t a full information about all the coins, so there is a chance, that not all the coins will be possible to enumerate. Also, you have to take into consideration that such type home pages are being created by collectors, so there might be some mistakes (inaccurate catalog nr.).

If you have some advices or additions, contact me thorugh my e-mail:
I will try to announce it also to other visitors of my home page!

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