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How to recognize an unknown coin?

Supposedly, each numismatist has had some coin collection, what originally was impossible to recognize without a help from other people, information searching in internet, catalogs or books. Undeniable, information search is really a breathtaking process, but you have to have the knowledge to understand with what to start first. So I will try to lay out my own experience, by telling the best ways for identifying an unknown coin – how to identify its country of origin, face value, year, and catalog number. Read more


How to classify your own coin collection?

I think, this question has preoccupied, all the coin collectors, when so unimportant hobby like coin collecting grows into serious hobby. Nowdays, due to technologies, or more precisely, due to computer, it is possible to make accounting about your collection in different ways. Of course, coin enumeration systems formation is not very actual to beginner collectors, who knows their little coin collection very well. But it is undeniable that in the long run the coin number grows higher what in one moment starts to make a chaos, if there has not been made the most comfortable enumeration system for yourself.  Read more
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